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Metal Carports
Metal Carports
A perfect carport to protect your vehicles from the elements. Available in varieties.
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Metal Garages
Metal Garages
Privacy and Security built from the ground up, order your custom garages today!
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Metal Barns
Metal Barns
Custom built steel-barns with high quality materials for the protection of your horses, livestock and equipment.
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Metal RV Covers
Metal RV Covers
Safeguard your RV with a sturdy RV Shelter from elements when you take a break from adventure
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Price Varies by Location and State

(22x21x8) with 4 framed out dutched openings, 2 half ends.

Price- $5445

Featuring two-car garage with the measurements 24’ width x 26’ long Box Eave Garage. This Two-car garage has 2-10×8 Garage doors, 1 Walk-in door and 2 windows.
Price- $7686

A 24x41x10 building, features a vertical roof style with (2) 9×8 Roll up doors and (1) walk in door on the side

Total- $9670

(Raised Center Aisle Barn) with a Vertical Roof Style – 4′ Step down from Center to lean to’s. This metal carolina barn has center section 12 x 41 x 13 with (1) 10×8 roll up door, (1) window. 

Lean to’s (2) 12 x 41 x 9 fully open, with 4 gables.
**Note**Additional labor/equipment fee of $750-$1300 may be required.
Total- $24,038

It has center section of 24x56x12′ with 1 Side Lean of 12x56x9’. This Enclosed building features (2) 10×10′ Garage door, 1 Walk-in doors on side, and the side lean to has an frame out opening so vehicles are able to drive through it.
Total- $15,805

This Side Parking Garage is 24’ wide x 36’ long x 10’ tall it has a Vertical Roof with Horizontal Sides. The building contains (3) 9×8 Garage Doors on the sides for parking, (1) 36×80 Walk-In Door on the side, and (4) 30×30 Windows. The building is also a 2-toned horizontal building.
Total- 10,540

30x31x10 Vertical Roof Prefab Steel Garage – Fully enclosed with (2) 9×8 metal roll-up doors on the 30′ front end wall and (1) 9×8 metal roll-up door on the 31′ long side. It has (1) 36″ x 80″ walk in door 
 Total- $11,744

This Garage is built with high-quality metal is a perfect solution when you need additional storage space near your home, can be used for multiple purposes. This metal garage has 1 (10×8)’ garage door and 1 (36×80)” walk-in door, and (1) 30×30 window.
Total- $9900

48×30’ for all your farming equipment storage needs. This prefab steel barn is 48’ wide where the center structure is 24’ wide and both the attached lean-tos are 12’ wide each, actual length is 31’ as there is an overhang of one foot, the height of center section is 12’ while the lean-to is 9’ with continuous roof.

It also features – one 12×12’ garage-door on center front end and two 10×8’ on lean-to front ends.
Total- $16,630

30×50 Prefabricated Steel Building to secure all your commercial equipment and machinery. This 30×50 Clear Span Steel Building offers 1500sq ft storage space which can be used as an amazing basement workshop or just to shelter your functional machinery.

This 30x50x12 steel building has vertical roof style and is certified to stand strong against uncertain harsh elements of mother nature.

This 30×50 Wide Span Building has 1 garage door of 10×10’, 1 walk-in door of 36×80” and 5 windows of 30×30”
Total- $16,455

This 30×50 garage which can be a small workshop for your utilities or a shelter for multiple vehicles like lawn tractors, boats, RVs, jet skis, motorcycles, and classic cars. This 30×50 building is one of the most popular outdoor building type.

It features vertical roof style with five 9×12’ framed-openings on the side. The listed measurements of this garage building are 30x51x13 feet where the frame is one foot shorter than the actual length due to 6” overhang on both the ends.
Total- $11,950

to featuring vertical roof style to give stress-free winters with easy snow cleaning. This metal garage’s actual dimensions are 24’ width x 31’ length x 10’ height (Frame is one foot shorter than actual length due to 6” overhang of the roof). The front wall of this garage has two 10×9’ entries with roll-up doors, and one side has a 36×80” walk-in door.

The attached lean-to features 12’ width x 30’ length x6’ height for the additional open area. So, in total this metal garage with lean-to offers more than 1000sq area to store and safeguard your belongings.
 Total- $11,100

30’ wide x 70’ long x 12’ tall. This 30×70’ commercial garage (listed length is 71, which includes 6” overhang at both ends) building is certified for harsh weather to safeguard your heavy machinery and vehicles.

The featured 30×70 commercial garage is prefabricated and designed by top-quality galvanized steel ensuring a shelter for many years without high maintenance cost. With the frame-outs for storing placed on the side, there is a large space to accommodate your small packages or any project related tools.
Price- $28,625

Prefabricated Metal Barn for farm storage featuring 48’ width (total width is 48 where the center section is 24’ wide and lean-tos’ are 12’ wide each) 31’ long (frame is one feet shorter than actual length due to one-foot overhang) 12’ tall (where the lean-tos are 9’ tall)

This 48×30’ Farm Barn Storage features vertical roof style, 1 garage -door of 10×10’ on the center section’s front end, 2 garage doors of 8×8’ on each lean-to’ front wall and two 30×30” windows.

This farm storage barn is strong to withstand heavy wind/snow and durable with added strengths by anchors & braces. Featured 48×30’ farm Storage Barn is no lesser in aesthetics, it has two-tone color matching with trim and roof.      Total- $17,510

Featured 28×60 Commercial Building has vertical roof style. The actual measurements of this Commercial Building are 28’ width x 60’ length (frame is one foot shorter than actual length due to overhang) and 12’ height. This 28×60 Commercial Building is wind and snow certified to stand strong against heavy snow load and high wind. It has 1680 sq. ft clear span storage space to be utilized.

 This 28×60’ Commercial Building can be used for multiple purposes including industrial, manufacturing operations, storage purposes and warehousing etc.

 It has one 8×8’ garage door for any trucks or vehicles loading and unloading with two man-door and ten 30×30” windows for natural light and air.
 Total- $18,780

This is one of most popular customized Carolina Barn. The dimensions are 42x36x13/9 with Vertical roof. A step down lean to style barn, center section which is fully enclosed with vertically oriented panels for both sides and ends, has (1) 12×12 metal roll up door on the front, (1) 9×8 on the back, (3) windows and (1) walk in door. 

The right side lean-to of this custom barn is also fully enclosed with (1) 9’x8’ metal roll up door, (1) walk in door and (2) windows on the front wall.

 The left lean-to of this Carolina custom barn is open with vertical gables on both ends and (3) side frame outs with 45 degree cuts. This barn does include the vertical deluxe two toned package – All the panels vertical with a wainscot.
Total- $23,230

This Metal Farm Barn’s roof style is vertical, and all the sides and ends are also closed with vertical panels. The featured farm barn has (2) 10×10’ metal roll-up doors on the center building both ends (front and back), (2) 10×8’ garage doors on the front walls of the both the lean-tos, (8) 4×7’ side openings (4 on each side).

This farm barn is fully insulated to prevent the things kept inside from condensation.

Disclaimer: This building does not include the framed out openings on the inside used for stables. Customer had some customized work done after the building installed. If you would like to see what the inside would normally look like just ask one of our building specialist and they will provide you with a visual.
Price- $33,786

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